FAQ’s on Prearranging

Can Anybody prearrange?
Yes.  Anybody can prearrange his or her own funeral.  By pre-planning your funeral you help your loved ones from making these important lasting decisions at the time of your death. Preplanning can also help ease the emotional burden put on your family during the time of sadness and emotional distress.
Funeral pre-planning allows an individual to make his or her own specific funeral pre-arrangements detailing such important items as hours for visitation and the type and content of the funeral or memorial service. Those deciding to preplan can also specify their desired casket, flowers, stationary items, monument,  selection of readings, music… the list can go on and on.  The options are endless and our firm will make sure that your wishes are carried out with the same dignity and respect that we would want our “loved ones” treated.

Prearranging - SSI and Medicaid
 "New York State law mandates that all contracts for prefunded funerals executed by applicants for or recipients of Medicaid be Irrevocable."

What this discloser means in a nutshell is that you are allowed to prepay for funeral expenses and select the funeral of your choice before all of your assets are used up for  any long term healthcare that you might need.  Being in this type of situation quickly reduces your assets to SSI or Medicaid eligibility levels.  By setting up an irrevocable trust, you are allowed to have funds set aside for your funeral without being penalized and still able to receive SSI or Medicaid benefits.  By doing so, this greatly reduces the burden of your loved ones the responsibility of having to pay for the costs involved in your funeral. 

Can I prearrange without paying?
Pre-arrange does not have to mean prepay. One of our directors, Todd, Timothy or Joyce Purta will meet with you, record all your wishes, and keep the information on hand. If you decide at any time in the future to prepay for those wishes, you can do so by contacting our firm and establish a preneed funeral trust with PrePlan.

What is Pre-Plan?
Established in 1988, PrePlan is a New York pre-funded funeral trust administered for the New York State Funeral Directors Association, Inc. by Funeral Director Support Services, Inc., a New York state corporation.
Once your pre-paid funeral account is opened with a funeral home, PrePlan will send you a personalized confirmation that your funds have been received and deposited.
Following that, annual statements of the account and interest will be sent from Preplan, so that a family member always has an annual balance of the account.  Our firm receives monthly interest statements on all accounts from PrePlan and can update you at anytime what the current balance is on your account.
These funds are placed in FDIC-insured certificates of deposit which will give you a maximum rate of interest.
The state of New York has some of the strongest laws as they pertain to prepaid funerals. All funds set aside for prepaid funerals must be placed 100% in a funeral trust.

A firm must be a member of New York State Funeral Directors Association in order to utilize PrePlan.

Can I pay for my pre arrangement over time?
You can open an account with Preplan with as little as five hundred dollars. We will help you design a payment plan that will work for you. Your money will receive all the benefits of a fully funded account – interest, security, etc.

Can I transfer a prepaid funeral from another funeral home to T.S. Purta Funeral Home?
If you have a pre-arranged funeral with another funeral home, the account can be transferred without any loss or penalty. Simply contact our firm and we will secure all of the necessary forms and assist you in transferring your funds.  If your funds are located in another state, you can simply contact us and we will carefully advise you of your options.